Viper Vape Employee Highlight: Spencer Unitt

What's up, Viper Vape fam? Welcome back to the blog!  After the insane Holiday season, we're finally back to our previously scheduled blog posts. We hope you all are nice and relaxed and ready to conquer 2016 with us!

Spencer is from Colorado and currently resides in sunny Carlsbad, California. 

Spencer got into vaping because, with strict parents, he wasn't allowed to smoke anymore, and wanted a way to smoke inside. Vaping killed two birds with one stone- he was able to quit smoking and was able to vape inside. 

I asked Spencer why he wanted to work in a vape shop. "When I got back from Japan, I didn't have anything going on. I would come into Viper Vape to hang out and loved the vibe in the shop. One of the employees was leaving his job and  asked if I was interested in taking his place. It was all about being in the right place at the right time." 

Next, I asked Spencer why he likes working in this industry. "I like the people. I love it when customers come in and talk about how they've quit smoking for x amount of time. I meet a lot of really cool people being in this industry; it's like a tight knit community." 

Spencer is the second team member in our shipping department. Spencer oversees everything that comes in and leaves the warehouse, ensuring our customers get the product they order correctly and in a timely manor. 

Outside of the shop, Spencer is the most active out of all of us. "I'm a jack of all trades. I do a little bit of everything. Primarily, I'm an avid rock climber. I snowboard, I surf, I skate, I play piano, bass and guitar." Spencer motivates all of us to get out and go climbing as much as possible with him. 

Spencer is a quiet guy, but we joke he's much like a ninja. Anytime we're goofing off, Spencer is the one with the best arguments and comebacks, and just zings us with ease. Spencer is someone we all heavily depend on, because he's calm and collected regardless of how stressful things get. He's always there to help if we need anything done, and does so quickly and correctly. Spencer is your main guy if you ever order anything and there's an issue; he's customer services' right hand to help me figure things out for our awesome customers, regardless if that's an address issue or if we need to get customers a different/correct product. 

That's a wrap for this week, guys! I hope you enjoyed meeting Spencer. Next week we'll meet a different employee and learn about what they do here at Viper Vape Carlsbad. 

As always, if you have any questions or comments, e-mail us at We love hearing from you all. 

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