Viper Vape Employee Highlight: Scottie McDonald

What's up, Viper Vape fam? Welcome back to the blog. We hope you all had a relaxing Thanksgiving. 

This week, we're going to meet Scottie McDonald of Warm Waters E-Liquid. 

Scottie is 39 years old, and currently resides locally in Carlsbad, California. 

Scottie and I talked about how he got into vaping. "I wanted to stop smoking," Scottie said. "I saw people vaping, so I went into my local shop in Carlsbad and got my first mod. I was using an Ego battery with an iClear 16. I immediately fell in love." 

Next, I asked Scottie why he wanted to work in a vape shop. Scottie told me, "I really love the industry and wanted to become a bigger part of the community. I own an e-liquid company, so I wanted to get a better understanding of how the industry worked." "What's your favorite part about being in the industry?" I asked. "Being a part of something that is a healthy alternative to smoking, along with the people in the industry itself," Scottie answered. He really loves being a part of an industry that is in business for the greater good. 

Scottie is one of our two team members in our shipping and receiving department at Viper Vape Carlsbad. When I asked Scottie to tell me how his role directly helps customers, his answer was exactly what you'd hope. "I help customers by getting them what they order, and fast!" Scottie works every day to ensure orders go out correctly and in a timely manor to customers all over the world that order products from 

Scottie is, as previously stated, the co-owner of Warm Waters E-liquid. I wanted to know why he and his partner started creating e-liquid. Scottie answered me, "I saw a great community and what better way to be a part of that community than to be involved directly by selling e-liquid?" Scottie's favorite flavor from his line is One Eyed Willy. "I love it because it's the perfect blend of fruit and cream, and that's my favorite all day vape." Scottie gets inspiration for new flavors from searching for a flavor and not being able to find it anywhere. Luckily, he gets to create it and supply it to awesome customers, including our own. 

Outside of the shop, Scottie is a really active guy. He used to spend his days Surfing, but opts for Snowboarding and Rock Climbing these days. "I'm also a DJ," Scottie said. " That's my other passion. I love music and producing music." Scottie is another one of our biggest comedic reliefs around the shop, always laughing and cracking jokes. He's also our go to guy when we have questions about e-liquid or anything related to it. Ever wanted a custom flavor? Scottie is the first guy we'll ask if we can blend it up for you. 

As we sat in the shop talking, I lastly asked Scottie "Is there anything else you want to add? Anything you want our online family to read when they see this?" "I hope vaping stays around for a long time," Scottie told me seriously. "It's a great healthy alternative for smoking. Why would we want to get rid of something that is such a great alternative? Oh, and add, VAPE ON!" 

Next week, we'll meet Spencer, the other half of the dynamic duo that send out your orders every day. 

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Thank you for reading, and we look forward to seeing you next week!

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