Viper Vape Employee Highlight: Joseph Haros

What's up, Viper Vape fam? Welcome back to the blog! 

This week, we're catching up with the head-honcho for our day to day business, our executive supervisor, Joseph Haros. 

Joe is 21 years old, grew up in the Bay Area, and currently resides locally in Vista, California. 

Joe got into vaping when he was smoking a lot of hookah. "I saw my buddy Mike vaping, and it looked really interesting, so I asked him about it." Mike told Joe vaping was much healthier than smoking hookah. "He told me to go into a local vape shop and FaceTime him, so I did, and he helped me pick out a set up." Joe picked up a K100 with a dripper, and the rest was history. 

I asked Joe why he wanted to work at a vape shop. "I had worked for 5 years in a corporate business that I didn't want to be in anymore. I figured that was the time to change what I was doing and work in an industry where I can really love what I do." 

Next, we talked about why Joe likes working in the vaping industry. "There's a lot of really good people in the industry. Aside from the people, I have a lot of good stories about helping customers and friends quit smoking cigarettes. I not only get to enjoy my hobby on the daily, but I get to help change and save people's lives. Nothing brings me more joy than when someone tells me I helped them to quit smoking cigarettes." 

Joe is our executive supervisor here at Viper Vape, Carlsbad. He makes most decisions in regards to new products, does almost all of our product ordering, handles new products on the website, and oversees all day-to-day operations. Joe makes sure all of our departments, although small, are working well together. Joe is our go to when we're really in a crunch; since he knows every aspect of the shop, he can help out whenever we may be short staffed. Joe is a really calm, cool and collected guy: a man of few words, but a really funny, passionate dude. We appreciate Joe endlessly for keeping all of us together and making sure we can do our best to make our customers happy.

Outside of work, Joe loves working on his Subaru. He's recently gotten into most of the Subaru groups out in San Diego and North County, and spends a lot of time out driving or working on the car at home. He's an outdoors guy, so he loves spending time snowboarding and disc golfing. 

That's it for this week's Employee Highlight. We hope you all have an awesome weekend, and we'll check back in next week!

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