The Newbies Guide to Vaping

The New Vapor's Guide to Vaping

Vaping has been around for a few years, but to a new vaper, it’s a mystery. Smokers try e-cigarettes when they want to stop smoking and when they wonder what all the fuss is about. Usually, someone wanting to quit will get the disposable type of e-cigarette to find out what it’s like. If the quitting smoker likes this new alternative, usually they move up to the non-disposable kits. It’s not really fair to call this alternative a cigarette, because they have almost nothing to do with commercially produced cigarettes. These e-cigarettes do provide nicotine, that substance that calms the smoker’s jangled nerves. Everything else about e-cigs is totally unique.

Step 1: Buy the Equipment 

First, the new vaper will need the proper vaping equipment. S/he will need to become accustomed to not holding the device between two fingers like a cigarette. The e-cig is longer and heavier than a cigarette. Disposable e-cigs are fine for trying out this new alternative, but for the long-term the new vaper will need quality equipment s/he can put together in pretty much this order: 

Mod: This houses the battery.
Tank: The liquid is stored here. It comes in hundreds of interesting flavors.
Atomizer: This heats the juice to produce the vapor that is inhaled.
Drip-tip: This is where smokers inhale.
A cartomizer is the tank and atomizer in one compartment.
Battery charger. This can be used via USB or plugged in. 

Step 2: Make Choices

Just like pack of cigarettes, the nicotine count comes in variations. A nicotine strength of 0mg means no nicotine at all. A nicotine strength of 6mg would equal an ultra-light cigarette. A nicotine strength of 12mg would be like a pack of Marlboro Mediums. A nicotine strength of 18mg would be regular cigarette, and a nicotine strength of 24mg would be quite strong. The flavors range from woodsy to floral, fruity to veggie, coffee to tea and everything in between. The new vaper has quite a few decisions to make before s/he buys a kit.

Prices are important, but remember the pieces should last the smoker about one year. That’s cheap when smokers compare the cost of vaping to one year’s worth of cigarettes. It’s also cheap, because the health benefits of vaping over cigarette smoking are enormous. The smoker won’t have so many doctor bills or prescriptions to clear his/her lungs.

Step 3: Maintenance

Everything needs cleaning every now and then and E-cigs are no different. Unscrew each piece, and have on hand paper towels, Q-tips and tweezers.

Drip-tip: roll a paper towel into a string. Push the towel up into the tip to remove any liquid that may have gotten in there.
Tank: if the tank is overfilled, it will leak. Blowing into the unscrewed end, hold a paper towel over the other end to catch the excess. Wipe threads and continue to the next piece.
Atomizer: there might be build-up on the threads between the battery and atomizer. Wipe the threads with a paper towel. Use the Q-tip to clean the inside of the atomizer. If one wants to deep clean the atomizer, hold it in the tweezers and run hot water through it. Allow it to dry overnight before vaping.


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