The New Vaper’s Guide To E-Cig Terms

If you've smoked traditional cigarettes for years, the term "e-cig" is an intriguing prospect. When you're looking for a change, especially for an enhanced taste, e-cigarettes are a perfect product to keep your nicotine needs fulfilled. However, the e-cig industry has an entire vocabulary exclusive to its use. New vapers don't need to worry about these terms because they are relatively simple to understand when you grasp the cigarette's mechanical construction.


Unlike traditional cigarettes with their dry material cores, e-cigs use a liquid, or e-juice. This liquid houses the nicotine, flavoring and vaporizing components to create the vaping effect. It does not produce smoke when heated, but actually vaporizes the liquid into a steam that is often visible. This vaping allows you to feel like you're smoking, satisfying that physical and mental craving for a cloudy exhalation.

Propylene Glycol

This e-juice component is the main flavor carrier. As you heat the e-juice, you want to taste the particular flavor you chose, from tropical fruits to menthol. Propylene glycol holds flavors well, giving you a rich taste with each vape. However, an e-juice solution with 100 percent PG will not give you a proper vape cloud. It must be mixed with vegetable glycerin for the best effect.

Vegetable Glycerin

This e-juice component offers the visible vapor which is composed of mainly water. The inhaling process gives the e-cig user the nicotine rush while exhaling the flavoring and water molecules. VG must be mixed with PG because flavoring isn't held well with VG molecules. However, VG does offer the benefit of a softer throat hit. High PG concentrations make users cough, creating an uncomfortable experience.


Carts are essential the e-juice storage tanks. They hold the e-juice safely away from the heating element until it's time to vape. Carts are available in either refillable or disposable types. If you are a casual user, a disposable type is quickly attached to your e-cig, but they are often expensive. Loyal vapers typically buy the refillable kind to reduce trash and save money simultaneously.


Although it sounds exotic, an atomizer is really just the e-cig's heating element. The e-juice must be heated to a particular temperature to protect the physical e-cigarette along with the user's mouth. It heats the liquid enough to vaporize it into a breathable mass. If it's too cool, the juice cannot change physical states. Hot vapor is a potential hazard, making it crucial to have a quality e-cig.


For vaping enthusiasts, the cartomizer is one of the best inventions. It houses the cartridge and atomizer into one solid unit. Unlike other separate cartridges, cartomizers hold more e-juice. Users can vape for longer periods without having to replace the liquid constantly. Cartomizers are often made of quality materials to last much longer than disposable units, giving you more value for your money. With the savings, you can try other e-juice flavors.

With so many accessories to choose from, you have many flavors and vaping strengths to enjoy. From specific nicotine levels to e-cig color selections, you control your vaping session every time. Enjoy the taste of the good life with a new e-cig kit to replace those old traditional cigarettes.



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