The Metamorphosis of Vaping & e-Cigs

It might seem that e-cigarettes or “vaping” have only recently infiltrated our culture. It seems that after decades of battling cigarette addiction and illness, America has collectively stumbled upon a less toxic alternative. However, the idea of e-cigs has been around since the 1960’s. Below we will discuss the fascinating evolution of the electronic cigarette and the increasingly popular pastime of vaping. 

The E-Cig’s Humble Beginnings

In 1963, Herbert A. Gilbert introduced the first electronic cigarette to the market. He wanted a healthier option to regular cigarettes, so his invention used moist flavored air in place of tobacco. No vapor was produced, but Gilbert did advertise his e-cig as a great way to inhale asthma medicine. Unfortunately the odds were not in Gilbert’s favor to get his product off the ground. We simply did not have the technology back then to mass produce the e-cig.

Additionally, American culture had not yet embraced the bad news about cigarettes and many believed them to be harmless. Fast forward to 2007, when Hon Lik’s invention of the modern e-cig went international. Lik’s e-cig contains a nicotine liquid solution in vapor form as air is inhaled and activates an atomizer. With each drag, a light shines at the front of the device. It does not contain tar and other cancer causing chemicals found in traditional cigarettes.

The Vaping Craze

Hon Lik’s well-conceived electronic cigarette model quickly gained popularity across the world, namely in the U.S. Many tobacco smokers were happy to put down their toxic cigarettes and pick up the more pleasant vapor-producing e-cigs. Before long, various types of e-cigs hit the market, giving those who vape a greater variety. For example, some e-cigs are considered “cig-alikes” and mimic both the size and shape of regular cigarettes.

Mid-size models are growing in popularity; they are rechargeable and reusable and come in a variety of colors and shapes. E-cigs are more pleasantly fragrant than pungent cigarettes. A large number of places all across the country allow vaping indoors, whereas cigarette smoking indoors is practically banned everywhere. 

The State of E-Cigs Today

According to ABC News, vaping is significantly less expensive than smoking cigarettes. For an e-cig starter kit, you will look to pay $30 - $100. A replacement cartridge can run $600, but consider the $1000 a year it costs to maintain a cigarette habit. 4 million Americans are choosing vaping over smoking, and that number is steadily on the rise. There are currently 250 brands of electronic cigarettes on the market. You can by the liquid solution in almost any flavor you can imagine, from strawberry to watermelon or java. Research on vaping continues, as its popularity rises. For those addicted to cigarettes, an e-cig could be a welcome alternative regarding both your health and finances.



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