E Cig Juice Comes in a Wide Variety of Flavors

You have finally taken that step and ditched the cigarettes and started vaping. Congratulations, now you get to enjoy all the flavors E Cig Juice has available. Tobacco or cigar flavors are fine, but just wait until you experience the full line of flavors literally at your fingertips.

A good starting point would be to give our sample pack a try. This way you can get some sort of idea which flavors you will prefer. What makes our sample pack so awesome is the fact you get to choose the flavors you want to try. You are able to choose five flavors from our wide selection. Blueberry, coffee or coconut, the choices are completely up to you. So we suggest you get a little creative.

So you have taken a fancy to the blueberry flavored juice, good for you. We recommend you start with the basic blueberry; then, when you feel brave enough, delve into the double blueberry. When you have mastered the double blueberry, then it’s time to enjoy our blueberry cheesecake or even our blueberry muffin. Really, the possibilities are endless.

Now it’s time to move on to some of our more exotic flavors. If you are a coffee person, then you will no doubt adore our cappuccino diablo and our Bavarian hazelnut cream. And for you chocolate lovers we offer dark chocolate mint and mocha frap. We have so many fruit flavors you think you are at a farmer’s market.

Take a few moments and check out the rest of our website to see all we have to offer. Whether you are new to vaping or an old pro, we have just what you are looking for.



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