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You joined the E cig movement and ditched the cigarettes for vaping instead. You have a couple of favorite flavors that you can enjoy anytime you want. You think you are ready to enjoy the freedom that vaping has to offer. But are you really ready? While vaping gives you the freedom to enjoy your smoking almost anywhere, there are rules of etiquette you should learn before using your e cig or vaporizer in both public and private settings.

Since the technology of vaping is still relatively new, there are many people who do not fully grasp the concept of vapor smoking and the effects. That is, there are those who still feel it is inappropriate to vape in certain locations.

The first rule concerning vaping is to be considerate of those around you. Before smoking, you should ask the people around you if they mind. It is far better to be considerate of others than to assume people are ok with it. Even if you are in a place of business, it is recommended you check with the owner or a manager to see if vaping is allowed. If you are the one initiating the conversation, you can state the case for your actions by educating the people around you about the fact you are only exhaling vapor.

Our second rule is to attempt to educate people about the facts of vaping. Be a vocal advocate for vaping by explaining the benefits of vaping versus traditional tobacco products.

While you are discussing the perks to vaping, kindly point out that if they visit our website, they will discover a variety of starter kits, atomizers and e liquids that can be ordered online.  



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