Diacetyl, Diacetyl, Diacetyl

Diacetyl. That is today's biggest buzzword in the industry. It's trending on Facebook, it's all over the internet, and it's on our customers' minds. We're taking a break from our usual blog posts to address that infamous compound this week. 

Everyone is in a frenzy. Am I going to get Popcorn lung? Does my e-liquid contain Diacetyl? Are the manufactures that create e-liquid being honest about the contents and or additives of their e-liquid they're selling to me? 

We understand the concern and frenzy over this trending topic. We're sure your Aunt, Uncle, best friend and neighbor have already showed you the Harvard Study (found here) stating there is a direct link from Diacetyl to respiratory disease, and that that same organic chemical has been found in e-liquid. We're concerned for our health, too, so we understand how you're feeling right now. So, what's the real deal? I decided to dig around on the internet and I'm here to share with you my findings. 

First off, what is Diacetyl? Diacetyl, and I quote Google here, "is an organic compound with the chemical formula (CH₃CO)₂." Have you ever had microwaveable popcorn? Have you ever tried I Can't Believe it's Not Butter or another artificial butter? You've had Diacetyl. Diacetyl is responsible for the buttery, and sweetened, taste in your e-liquids.

I found quite a few articles online regarding Diacetyl. The most interesting one I want to talk about is found here. In this article, they present Dr. Konstantinos Farsalinos, an expert on e-cigarette research, and his findings. Dr. Farsalinos talks about the fact that no one when writing these articles in regards to the effects of Diacetyl are talking about the incredible amount of Diacetyl in tobacco smoke. What does that mean to us? Firstly, it means, as analog smokers, we were already being exposed to Diacetyl. It also means that even those that have never smoked a cigarette, but have inhaled cigarette smoke, have been exposed to huge amounts of Diacetyl- almost 100 times more than the amount found in vapor using Diacetyl as an additive. Dr. Farsalinos goes on to state, "Not only are levels of Diacetyl far higher in tobacco smoke than e-cig vapor, but the levels of dangerous compounds found in many of the products studied are absolutely minimal, and it is not expected to raise any concerns about human health effects."

The most intriguing finding, to me, is that there has not been any cases where inhaling tobacco smoke has given anyone Popcorn Lung. We're all so freaked out about getting this respiratory disease, but have any of your still-smoking cigarette friends ever contracted it? They're inhaling far more than you are from vaping, so why are we just now hearing  about this disease? Yes, this compound we are talking about is dangerous, but what is the danger of it being present in your e-liquid compared to you still smoking analogs? I'll take the less risky option for 100, please. 

At Viper Vape, we're all for regulations on what goes in to your e-liquid. We look forward to the day where no one can put additives in their e-liquid and have to show exactly what goes in to each flavor so, as consumers, we can make educated decisions on what we are inhaling and ingesting.  We want companies regulated so Jimmy can't be mixing liquid in his garage and selling it to the general public with minimal knowledge about what he's even doing. 

I know people that have been vaping for 3-4 years now, and not one of them has ever had a respiratory issue. I feel as though the media is creating a huge buzz about the negatives of e-cigarettes, while you really have to dig around for the positives- especially in the instance of analogs vs. e-cigarettes. I just want to state here, while these are my opinions, we can't stress how important it is for you, as an active member in this still new community, to do your research and formulate your own opinion as well. Don't just read one article and have that be your stone cold truth- read through multiple articles from both sides of the fence. Vaping is still such a new and evolving market. The best way to be a consumer in this industry is to do your own research and be self-educated about products you're using. 

I will happily admit that at first, I listened to what people were saying, and that was my truth. Until recently when I really started doing my own research and talking to others about Diacetyl, I was a die hard "No Diacetyl not ever!" vaper. After educating myself, and learning about the truth being this popular compound, I have really entirely shifted my opinion. I hope after reading, you can make a better opinion for yourself as well, whatever that opinion may be. 

As always, e-mail us with any questions or comments at info@viper-vape.com. We love hearing from you. We look forward to catching up with an employee next week for our usual installment on the blog. 

Your friends at Viper Vape 

**This blog post was written solely from personal research and opinion. I am not guaranteeing any of the above is scientific facts and data, but I instead based this write up off of web-search and discussing this topic with other industry personnel. 


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