8 Things You Won't Miss After Starting To Vape

8 Things You Won't Miss After Starting To Vape

Once you ditch your traditional cigarettes and start vaporizing with e-cigarettes, a whole new world will open up to you. Life will become much easier and you'll feel better as well. Below, we explore 8 things you won't miss once you start to vape.

The Harsh Looks

Smoking cigarettes in public often brings on some harsh looks from strangers. Let's face it, people are judgmental. When some people see a stranger partaking in a traditional cigarette, they often provide a snide glance. With each passing day, it is becoming less socially acceptable to smoke regular cigarettes. E-cigarettes don't carry the same stigma. Instead of sneering, strangers might strike up a conversation with you about what it's like to vape.

Running Outside For A Smoke

One of the best things about e-cigarettes is that they use a vaporizing process that emits no harmful components into the air. This means that you can smoke an e-cigarette indoors in the presence of everyone. There are very few places that don't allow the public to vape an e-cigarette. 

Leaving Your Children For A Smoke

If you have children, you'll no longer have to worry about finding someone to watch them or leaving them unattended while you go outside to smoke. Since e-cigarettes are harmless, you can vape them in the presence of babies and kids. 

Smelly Clothes

When you vape an e-cigarette, it produces an odorless vapor. This is a stark contrast to traditional cigarettes that leave your clothes smelling like burning tobacco. This terrible smell is quite the turn off to friends, family and potential love interests. You won't have to wash your jackets, hats and sweaters as often if you switch to e-cigarettes.

Smoking When It's Freezing (or Roasting) Outside

You certainly won't miss freezing (or boiling) your buns off while standing outside in the thick of a brutal winter storm (or heat wave) just to get your nicotine fix. That's no way to live life. Stay indoors in your comfortable climate controlled environment and enjoy an e-cigarette. 

Bad Breath

Anyone who lives or works with someone who smokes traditional cigarettes will testify to the fact that the breath of a smoker reeks. Although smokers might not realize how bad their breath smells, if they asked for the honest opinions of their peers and significant others, they would quickly learn just how bad it really is. Instead of trying to mask the smell of cigarettes with gum and breath mints, make the transition to odorless e-cigarettes.

Smoker's Cough

This might be the most important side effect of traditional cigarettes that you'll be glad to be without. E-cigarettes utilize a cutting edge vaporization process that prevents the user from inhaling any carcinogens or other harmful chemicals. Really, who wants to be hacking away every fifteen minutes because cigarettes are slowly destroying their lungs and throat? Not only is smoker's cough a disturbing manifestation of your failing health, it also creates a terrible working and living environment for your peers and family.

Lighting Your Clothes And Hair On Fire

If pressed for the truth, everyone who smokes regular cigarettes will admit to lighting either their hair, eyebrows, nose hairs or clothing on fire at one point or another. Trash the lighter and opt for e-cigarettes. E-cigarettes use a vaporization process where no extraneous flammable fluids are required. Don't ever risk searing off your bangs or eyebrows again. 



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