6 Best Vape Urban Dictionary Definitions

6 Best Vape Urban Dictionary Definitions

People have established a new culture around vaping and with that new culture came new terminology. We’ve compiled a list for new or old vapers:


Urban Dictionary Definition: This is a term used by vapers to signify that an eliquid flavor is suitable to be vaped all day as your main flavor. Usually more subtle tobacco flavors and not really fruity ones.

ADV is also called "All Day Vape." Those who enjoy vaping and e-cigarettes use this terms to describe flavors of e-liquid that they enjoy the most. These e-liquid flavors can be vaped all day long without getting sick of them.


Urban Dictionary Definition: A term used by vapers (users of electronic cigarettes). Refers to a nasty dry burning taste you can experience from having a dry atty (atomizer).

Dratty more commonly means that the vaper has a dry atomizer. This is usually because the atomizer has not been filled properly with the e-liquid of your choice. In turn, this produces a dry taste when taking a hit from the vaporizer.


Urban Dictionary Definition: Personal vaporizer, an electronic device that supplies nicotine without delivering as many toxins or passing second hand smoke to others.

A PV, or personal vaporizer, is any type of device that has been built specifically for vaping. This may be anything from the average e-cigarette to the eGo, Silverbullet and more. The device is designed to provide the vaper with nicotine to inhale without harmful tobacco smoke.


Urban Dictionary Definition: Short for Cartomizer; Part of an Electronic Cigarette that creates the vapor from the E-Liquid. A Cartomizer is a cartridge that is integrated with its own atomizer.

A cartomizer is a type of e-cigarette attachment that helps in producing the vapor. Cartomizers typically have a large juice capacity for filling the device with e-liquid. This attachment is ideal for those who need the freedom to use their hands while still being able to vape.


Urban Dictionary Definition: Vapemail is a delivery of a package that contains Vapie Goodness.

After days or weeks of tracking package shipments and delivery dates, it's finally time to receive your vapemail. Vapemail is when a box or envelope is finally delivered that contains vaping hardware and e-liquid that you have ordered and have been waiting for.


Urban Dictionary Definition: This is the liquid used in electronic cigarettes that makes a smoke-like vapor. Propylene glycol or glycerin are the ingredients that give the vapor its smoke. Different flavorings and alcohol are also usually included. Nicotine is added in different strengths from zero to 36mg per 1ml.

e-Liquid is a term that is commonly used while vaping to describe the refill liquid for e-cigarettes and vaporizers. This is also known as juice and e-juice. The vapor from e-cigarettes is produced from these liquids rather than from smoke. The liquid comes in a variety of flavors including a tobacco flavor to give you the taste and feeling of a real cigarette. e-Liquid for vaping is made up of nicotine, flavoring, water and propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin.



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