10 of the Funniest Vape Vines

10 of the Funniest Vape Vines

Vaping has many benefits, and among them, it can be massively entertaining. The fun doesn't end with trying out new juices and making jokes about people who are still smoking analogs. For every friend that plays with your vape cloud, every pun-tastic juice name, and every minute spend entertaining yourself by blowing vapor into the rays of light coming through the blinds because it's fun and you don't know why, there is at least one great vaping video. Here are a few of them.

1. Fast Food Vape

In this video from The Official Vape Channel, this guy's stealth vaping setup is like a magic trick to the uninitiated.

2. Vape Bending

Johnny Gromis takes a cue from Avatar: The Last Airbender and tries his hand at Vapebending, with hypnotizing but giggle-inducing results. 

3. Vape to the Music

Did A Kidz just invent vape dancing? This one is tempting to try for yourself, if you have a rig that produces a good cloud. With massive crossover between vapers and all kinds of performers, there will never be a shortage of people showing off their moves.

4. Face the Vape

Mo Sawari may or may not secretly be an evil dragon. Send this one to your friends. Surprise the hell out of them.

5. The Vape Dragon

Dat Canadian Girl and friend demonstrate the range of emotions that can be expressed by a good volume of vapor. 

6. So Vape-cited

We've all seen plenty of vapor-bubble videos, but this one from Luke Campbell is undoubtedly one of the best. The look on his face really makes it great.

7. The Hardest Vape Trick in History

Seems like Michael Delahoussaye has had it with the same old vape tricks, so he came up with a new one. It doesn't require any skill, but your friends will laugh.

8. Tasty Vape

In Brianna Keith's video, the dog isn't sure whether to eat the vapor or just play with it. He doesn't seem to mind too much, though. Maybe the juice is bacon-flavored.

9. Almost Had It…

Gonzo_esseph experiences one of the problems that plagues those who stunt vape: Everyone has this friend.

10. Only True Vapers

And finally, here's Logan McKinney, who's just plain doing it wrong. Or, from an entertainment perspective, doing it perfectly.

Normally, something like this would wrap up with a warning not to try this at home...but who are we kidding? You tried some of these before you finished watching the videos. If you ever accidentally discover a funny new vaping trick, be sure to practice until you get it nailed down and record it for posterity. The more great vaping videos in the world, the better.



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